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Aviation Marketing Scandinavia AB

This company was created in early 1997 to take care of the representation (GSA) for Emirates in Scandinavia & Finland and is a share holding company registred in Sweden.

Our services are maybe not unique but so is the complete concept of quality aviation services based on our long experience in the business. We prefer to tailor-make our services to meet the demand and requirements from our carefully selected customer airlines. This issue is essential for us as every airline is a unique customer with own requirements and needs.

Following basic services are provided:

  • Active and professional Sales- & Marketing services

  • Preparation and performance of Budget and Marketing Plans

  • Complete market researches and traffic development forecasts

  • Local reservation and ticketing services handled inhouse or in cooperation with external reservation Call Center unit staffed with experienced and qualified staff

  • PR and Information services

  • Preparation of marketing campaigns and tools

  • Tour Production

  • Overcounter Sales and Telephone Sales

  • Marketing of Loyalty Programs and other customer services

  • Commercial contacts with corporates, agents, tour operators, interlines, press and authorities

  • Airport and Traffic services

  • Participation in Exhibitions and Trade Fairs

  • Representation in Board of Airline Representatives and other organizations

  • Full revenue control and accounting services

  • Your active aviation partner

  • Full Pricing & Rules services

  • Market Representation for Alliance Partners to protect the carriers interest in the area

Our previous field experience after 35+ years in various airline management positions, and our geographical location is Your guarantee for a professional representation in the Scandinavian countries (Denmark, Norway and Sweden), Finland, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania plus Russia. We can be Your partner in the whole area, in one specific country or even in a limited area within a country. Our company can serve your customers in several languages and offer office hours meeting the demands from the countries we are asked to handle.

Our company objectives are not, and will never be, to act as a department store in airlines. Our target is to improve Your revenues and increase the awareness of Your product and image in the territory. We are here to cut Your costs, improve Your presence by offensive marketing and reliable services to highest standard.

Aviation Marketing Scandinavia AB also offers aviation consultant services to airlines and airports.

The company expanded in 2008 also to handle Winter Sport activies in Are Valley area, the most wellknown ski resort in Northern Europe. This new office will handle incoming tourism, tours by and rental of snow mobiles in cooperation with local entrepreneurs, hotels and tourism companies. Our office in Are area is dedicated to handle all sport and activity business but will also have main responsibility for GSA business in Norway, Iceland and parts of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. This is the office handling representation for hotels, tourism company, other travel related services and our commitment to horseowning and trotting.

Yours sincerely,
Göran Hansson

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